hertz at the Be There At The Start Conference

We have been giving people some truly extraordinary experiences with a few public outings of hertz recently:

Last month I was at the Be There At The Start conference at the Attenborough Arts Centre Leicester. First off, I and Dr Andrew Gibbs were on a panel talking about cross sector collaboration. During the Panel discussion, we played the sound we had translated from Bull Chaplin’s research data, of the star Kepler 36 which lives in our constellation of Cygnus. It was the stars first public outing and was rewarded by a round of applause from the audience.

Click ‘here‘ for a transcribed interview and podcast of interview with Bill Chaplin, including a recording of the sound of Kepler 36, explaining How and why the stars make sound and why he is collaborating on hertz 

I then had a fantastic afternoon showing of the hertz prototype that lets people experience the inaudible symphony of our planet aurally and bodily For the first time people could experience the secret sounds of our planet in realtime. In this instance Leicester’s urban composition.

Below are some pics. Click ‘here‘ for a transcribed interview and podcast with Dr Graeme Marlton explaining infrasound and his interest in hertz.


Quotes from visitors about both elements of hertz:

‘Epic’, ‘Groundbreaking’ ..’a whole world around me I couldn’t see but felt connected to’

‘In this piece I can time travel and contemplate the geometry of sound into matter – wow – mindblowing’

‘I heard the stars sing in Newbury!’

Next up hertz will be at After Hours at We The Curious in Bristol with the theme of Time on the 19th April. See you there!