Hertz at After Hours at We The Curious, Bristol

We had a fantastic time at We The Curious for the After Hours event with visitors hearing the sound of the star Kepler 36 and making the visual pattern of its frequency (hz) appear, the theme was Time.

hertz is an Unlimited R&D award recipient, lead artist Juliet has been collaborating with scientists and a mathematician. hertz is supported by The University of Reading and The university of Birmingham.

Scroll down for images:

Top down view of chladni plate

So here’s the overview of the night with some time related facts about the stars: We The Curious PDF

Quotes from the night:

“hertz was really exciting! As an artist I really enjoyed being able to see the patterns created and how I might be able to work with those. It was great to meet Juliet and be able to talk to her about the actual development of the work!”

“Being able to visualise the patterns really helped me connect to the sound – I especially liked where the frequencies began to look like constellations and stars themselves. There was a real buzz from our visitors who were really intrigued by the subject matter I thought. Using art to be able to bring infrasound to life really seemed to work for them!”