Everything vibrates – from the smallest atom on Earth to the furthest star in space. Their frequencies surround and immerse us and yet the vast majority leave no imprint.

hertz gives a glimpse into this hidden universe, making inaudible sound tangible, visible and real. Sense the imperceptible soundtrack of a city in real-time and immerse yourself in its deep resonance. Listen to the secret songs of stars found in the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra. Harness their harmonics to generate beautiful visual patterns in sand on vibrating plates.

hertz encourages curiosity, questioning perceptions of our planet and place in the cosmos through sensory experiences.

An artwork by artist Juliet Robson in collaboration with academics from the fields of astrophysics, meteorology and mathematics.

Co-commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabledartists, funded by Arts Council England. Co-commissioned and supported by We The Curious and Oxford Contemporary Music.

Supported by:

University of Birmingham, The Friends of the University of Reading, University of Reading and 101 Outdoor Arts creation Space.

Part  of Season  for  Change, a  UK wide  programme of  cultural  responses celebrating  the  environment and  inspiring  urgent action  on  climate change.


Listen to an excert of Max Reinhardt featuring hertz on BBC’s Radio 3’s brilliant Late Junction (‘What a totally astounding, amazing project’ Max Reinhardt). Scroll down for tour dates and links to venues.

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hertz tour images 2018 -19

OCM @ IF Festival Oxford

14 OCT 2018


Quotes: “Love how it is very interactive and engaging, can be as complicated as you like, brilliant!”

“Really fun and exciting” “Amazing and fascinating, it was wonderful.”


18-21 OCT 2018


Quotes: “Amazing, simply stunning”  “Infrasound is the new Rock and Roll”

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4 NOV 2018-2 FEB 2019