Three Duets

TUE 10 APR 2007, WED 11 APR 2007, THU 12 APR 2007
Soho Theatre

An image of a puppet theatre with a blue facing and pink tissue curtain.
Pacitti Company

‘Three Duets’ is a video installation with sound work and objects. On film Robert Pacitti performs three separate duets, one each with Sheila Ghelani, Juliet Robson and octogenarian Angela Rodaway.

With Ghelani, the pair enacts a series of unusual rituals in adjacent identical hallways, seemingly suspended somewhere between the institutional and the intimately personal. Pacitti and Robson appear durationally in a succession of static outdoor shots to camera. These tableaux are gently subversive – they belie truths about the physical and sexual identity of each performer – and as such these innocent faux family portraits become highly volatile games. The third duet presents fragments of story and memory as a projected pulsing text, a deliberate attempt to describe the friendship of a younger man and older woman based not on difference but on shared politics, activism and belief. ’Three Duets’ is a game of looking which challenges assumptions around difference. That the three are shown at the same time, alongside a deteriorated puppet theatre on a plinth, subtly begins to piece together musings on life, death, sex and transformation.